renewable energy & DIVERSIFICATION event for farmers and landowners

23-24 October 2019 The Hub at Cillin Hill, Kilkenny


Oliver Vigano

Oliver Vigano

Senior Business Development Manager, Agraferm Biogas

Senior business development manager at Agraferm Biogas, Oliver Vigano is a highly experienced sales-professional. His business and communication talents started at a young age and flourished after receiving a BA in Economics at the University of California at Santa Barbara. After honing his proficiency in economics, Oliver made a few twists and moved to Europe to work as a sales leader for market-leading European and US bicycle companies. The move to work at increasing the awareness and acceptance of renewable energy and biogas was as smooth and easy for him as riding a bicycle. Since then, he has successfully been involved in growing the AD market in the UK and globally.




Thursday 25th October

Bioenergy Session 12:30 - 13:40

In association with

Irish Farmers Association



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