The renewable energy event for farmers and landowners

24-25 October 2018 The Hub at Cillin Hill, Kilkenny




Irish Farmers' Association

The IFA is Ireland’s largest farming representative organisation. We have protected and defended the interests of Irish farmers in all sectors for more than 60 years. We represent Irish farmers at home and in Europe, lobbying and campaigning for improved conditions and incomes for farm families. We also provide representation, support and advice to members on an individual basis.

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Teagasc – the Agriculture and Food Development Authority – is the national body providing integrated research, advisory and training services to the agriculture and food industry and rural communities.

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3 Counties Energy Agency

We are a non-profit, independent energy agency working primarily in Carlow, Kilkenny and Wexford.  We have a voluntary Board of Directors drawn from private, public and community sectors.  As an independent agency, our job is to help you reach your energy goals. 

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Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers' Association



The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association emerged as a farming lobby group, specifically for cattle and sheep farmers. We represent the interests of drystock and sheep farmers throughout every county in Ireland.

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Irish Wind Energy Association



The Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) is committed to the promotion and education of wind energy issues and plays a leading role in the areas of conference organisation, lobbying and policy development on the island of Ireland. IWEA is committed to promoting the use of wind energy in Ireland and beyond as an economically viable and environmentally sound alternative to thermal or nuclear generation.

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Renewable Gas Forum Ireland


The Renewable Gas Forum Ireland (RGFI) is an industry forum representing the interests of those involved in the renewable gas supply chain across the island of Ireland, both north and south. RGFI is committed to influencing, supporting and delivering policies and initiatives that promote the development of the renewable gas industry in Ireland as an economically viable and environmentally sustainable component of the overall energy mix.

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The Irish Timber Growers Association


The Irish Timber Growers Association (ITGA) was formed in 1977 to support the development and expansion of private sector forestry in Ireland and to represent and inform woodland owners. It is now the recognised national representative body of private woodland owners in Ireland. The Association is particularly concerned that private plantations achieve their maximum potential by the implementation of good forest management practises throughout their rotation.

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