The renewable energy event for farmers and landowners

25-26 October 2017 The Hub at Cillin Hill, Kilkenny


The conference at the Energy Now Expo Ireland will focus on the latest developments from the Irish renewable energy sector. Key industry figures will discuss current government policy, including the subsidies currently available, as well as the opportunities available to the agricultural and rural communities and the benefits a well-chosen renewable energy system can offer, including an increase in income, decrease in energy bills and a reduction in carbon emissions.


Speakers include:

James Murphy, IFA

Barry Caslin, Teagasc


Topics include:

Government targets, policy and subsidies

Energy management reduce then generate

Biomass technology and fuel options

Financing your renewable energy system

Onfarm case studies a look at the benefits and challenges

Biomass CHP is it for you?

Developing a robust planning application

Heat pumps sources of heat and system options

A guide to exporting the power produced

Establishing the basic feasibility of a hydropower scheme

Why should you invest in renewable energy?

The legal ramifications of a renewable energy system

Developer and landowner case study

Moving Ireland to a decarbonised energy system

Roof top PV, including autoconsumption technology

Practical and financial guidance on developing a biogas plant

Feedstock options & effective digestate management

Living with Biogas a farmers view

Installing a PV system requirements and power applications

Solar farm development the benefits & challenges

Fuel quality, storage techniques and sustainability requirements

District Heating - Heating multiple dwellings

Effective energy management

A practical guide for farmers and landowners on the opportunities, the risks and rewards for battery storage

The Future of Grid Services and the role of energy storage


We anticipate the full programme will be released by the end of August.